There are a lot of misconceptions about CBD and its effects. Can you get high from it? Why don’t I feel it? How long before it works? 

CBD is like taking a Tylenol. You won’t feel high or experience any euphoria. Nor will you feel any pain. CBD is what you don’t feel. 

The difference between THC and CBD is how they subdue the pain. THC is more intoxicating and has numerous effects necessary to some but deemed unpleasant to others. CBD is more like medicine by which you don’t feel anything but the relief from symptoms.

How Does THC Feel?

While consuming THC, you will feel the change in your mood, thoughts, and behaviors. Some appreciate the headspace that THC puts them in, while others vilify it. Short-term memory loss is a major turn-off for many users but a blessing for those dealing with PTSD. The euphoric high is a turn-off for some but a way to relax for others with anxiety or high levels of stress.

You can feel THC as you smoke it or awhile after digesting it. Its effects are almost immediate and possibly intense, depending on how much you have consumed. 

Many users enjoy THC because of how quick the effects are, allowing them to achieve relief from symptoms sooner than later. Others praise THC for it’s intoxicating and drug-like effects. 

Despite THC’s legal status and street usage, it tends to provide numerous health benefits. Omitting THC from the plant isn’t as beneficial as they would have you to believe. A low dose of THC combined with other cannabinoids is the best way to achieve the health benefits cannabis has to offer. 

How Does CBD Feel?

what you feel

For some, consuming CBD doesn’t feel like anything. That’s not to say it isn’t working, but rather your lack of feeling anything is the CBD working. 

Being the “healthy” part of the cannabis plant, CBD doesn’t cause any euphoric high or body-numbing feelings. When consuming CBD, it works by alleviating the pain and calming the nerves to a relaxing state. 

You know CBD is working when your body is at ease and no longer tense. That’s why the analogy of being similar to Tylenol is so understanding. There’s nothing to feel when taking aspirin to reduce pain, but you do notice how you no longer feel as much pain. You’re not waiting to feel the effects of CBD. You’re waiting for your symptoms to ease a little and feel less on edge.

If you are healthy, you may not see any results from CBD. Similar to taking aspirin for a headache you don’t have, you might not notice any effects of CBD. There is nothing for CBD to do with a healthy individual. You may even be more observant of the mild side effects caused by CBD. Its job is to regulate the functions of your body, not make you superhuman. 

How Do They Feel Together?

CBD & THC are best friends. They are always in sync and help each other work harder. They also work together to promote good health throughout your body.

Taking a high dose of THC may be unsettling, though, if you counteract the THC with CBD, it will mellow the high. This example is called the entourage effect. It is a term used to describe the benefits of using the whole cannabis plant rather than a single compound. 

The key to optimal health is finding the correct dose amount. Having too much THC and too little CBD can be unsettling. Using a high percentage of CBD and a low percentage of THC will reduce any unwanted side effects while promoting good health. 

Each individual has a different sweet spot for achieving optimal health. This issue is the reason the FDA has a hard time regulating it. It’s not as easy as recommending, “two pills to relieve your headache.” One patient may need 30mg of CBD for symptom relief, while another patient may require 500mg of CBD for symptom relief.  

Despite the stigma surrounding THC, it is still part of the cannabis plant and has many benefits and uses other than those used recreationally. I would reconsider before ruling THC out of your health plan.       


Incase you skimmed this article, here is a review of some of the major points made. 

  • THC is what you feel. CBD is what you don’t feel.
  • CBD is more like medicine: you only feel relief from symptoms.
  • If you are healthy, you may not see results from CBD.
  • Many enjoy THC because of the quick effects.
  • CBD and THC are best friends. They work in sync.
  • The key to optimal health is the correct dose amount.


Even though we’ve only covered two cannabinoids, the cannabis plant contains a hundred more we haven’t mentioned. Each cannabinoid works in sync with each other, creating a powerful solution to many common health issues. 

As the two most prevalent cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant, CBD and THC are natural remedies. Of which they are capable of helping find symptom relief and maybe a cure. 

Are you interested in CBD? Have you tried it and obtained no results? I encourage you to give it a chance and play with the dosage before giving up. CBD and THC can offer health benefits that pharmaceuticals struggle to provide.

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