CBD Oil is Trending 

Are you curious about how to buy CBD oil but are not sure where to start? I understand as the information surrounding CBD oil is plentiful and in most cases overwhelming. 

Cannabidiol (CBD) is backed by scientists and doctors as having numerous benefits to our health. Others are claiming it a “miracle” or “wonder” drug as it is treating their diseases and giving them back control of their life. 

Many just want to be told which CBD oil to buy without all the technical jargon. But even that poses difficult for many as there are hundreds of CBD companies out there. 

Which one do you choose? Which is right for you?  Is it real CBD or some placebo mixture? 

When it comes to buying CBD oil, it can be a daunting task, leaving many to just give up. 

If you are thinking about buying CBD oil but are not sure where to start or what to look for, then I have three simple tips to help you simplify the process

This is CBD Health Network and here are 3 of the most important things to know when buying CBD oil.

1. THC Amount in CBD Oil

The most important thing you want to know before you buy CBD is the amount of THC in your product. THC is the intoxicating chemical produced by cannabis plants. 

THC and marijuana are still considered illegal in most states and the government still has it listed as a schedule 1 drug. 

Image by David Cardinez from Pixabay

Having too much THC in your body can be risky as it could result in loss of employment or worse. 

CBD is only legal to sell if it has less that 0.03% of THC in it. This amount is safe for most users but the issues of regulation and faulty lab results can put you in an unpredictable situation. 

Having any THC in your body is not acceptable for some, whereas others can get away with the small trace amounts in most CBD products. You must decided which is best for you. 

If small trace amounts of THC is okay, then a full or broad spectrum is what you are looking for. If you can’t risk any THC in your body, you want to look for CBD isolates. 

Full spectrum means it contains the whole plant and all compounds, including some THC. Isolate means only the CBD was taken from the plant. 

Broad spectrum means it’s an isolate but has the other plant compounds added to it. Some broad spectrums include THC while others leave it out. 

Once you have decided which is best for you, you are one step closer to finding the right CBD oil to buy.

2. CBD Oil Ingredients

CBDistillery 1000mg Label

What is included in your CBD? Many don’t really stress themselves with this question as they assume and leave to faith that CBD companies are following good manufacturing practices. 

Unfortunately, this isn’t true as some take advantage of the lack of regulation and are out to make a quick buck rather than trying to truly help others. 

Before you make your decision, take a look at the ingredients section or pictures of the product. You’ll commonly see hemp extract, cbd oil, full spectrum hemp extract and many other variations to express the presence of CBD in the product. 

Along with the CBD ingredient, you will also see the type of carrier used. Carriers are necessary because it helps the body absorb the CBD into the bloodstream. Common carrier oils are MCT (coconut) Oil, hempseed oil, grapeseed oil and sunflower oil. 

These two ingredients can be the only ingredients in a product and still be very potent and effective. 

It is the presence of other ingredients that you want to watch out for, like vegetable glycerin, polysorbates or alpha tocopherol. 

These are most often found in vape cartridges and topicals, though I fail to understand the purpose for them other than being a cheap alternative to natural solutions like beeswax for vape cartridges. 

Regardless, take a look at the ingredients as cannabis is a natural plant and I’m sure you would like your CBD to be organic and free of toxic chemicals. 

3. Buy 1000mg of CBD Oil

One of the main deterrents for those who are hesitant to buy CBD oil, is not knowing for sure if what they want to purchase is going to be effective or just a waste of money. 

Much of this is due to the confusion of how much one needs for an effective treatment. 

CBD is a wonderful drug but it is not very potent in low doses. 

Green Roads CBD Oil

You will need a good amount to promote any beneficial effects. This is the case for all ailments and especially true for severe conditions. 

This is where 1000mg comes in. I am speaking specifically for CBD oils, but this information, if not the exact numbers, can be applied to all CBD products. 

I may suggest 1000mg of CBD but please continue to follow dosing suggestions. A general rule of thumb is to start low and go slow. Try 5mg of CBD for daily use to start, then work your way up after about a week.

The reason I recommend you buy 1000mg of CBD oil is because not only do you need a good amount of CBD to be effective, but it averages as the most cost effective amount for the price. 

In most cases, I’ve seen the highest rates of CBD oil being sold at 500mg or less. 100mg for example, sells at an average of $0.30 per mg. While 1000mg will sell at an average of $0.10 per mg. 

Based off my comparison of over 30 of the most popular CBD companies, it seems a fair price per mg of CBD is about $0.12. That is about $120 on average for 1000mg of CBD. 

If you are spending between $60-$120 to buy CBD products, you are essentially a smart shopper. And this is the perfect amount I recommend for beginners. 

Boomers Natural Wellness 1000mg CBD Oil


CBD Oil Price Comparison Chart

I suggested you buy 1000mg of CBD oil because I want you to get the most out of your money and in case you have a condition that needs a higher dose of CBD, you already have it.

 If your condition doesn’t require such high doses, then you have more than what you need at a fair price, meaning more money in your pocket.

 I wont recommend a specific brand as it may not serve everyone, but here is a screenshot of my top CBD oil prices comparison chart. 

CBD Oil Price Comparison Chart

I have it sorted to reflect the prices of 1000mg offered by different companies, as well as 900mg and 1200mg for those who did not offer 1000mg of CBD. 

Use the chart above as a reference to ensure you are getting quality CBD at a fair price, even if a brand you are already considering is not listed.

Product Type

When it comes to buying CBD oil, these are the only things you really need to consider .

Check the THC amount, make sure it has natural ingredients, and grab 1000mg of CBD for cost effectiveness. 

Although this is tailored more specifically for CBD oils, the considerations can be applied to all CBD products. 

With that said, try to have an idea of how you want to add CBD to your lifestyle. If smoking is not your thing, you may want to stay away from waxes, flowers and vapes. 

If you rather eat CBD, add the oil to anything as it works well mixed with drinks, food, or infused in candy. 

buy cbd gummies
Boomer Natural Wellness CBD Gummies

A few other options include pills, lotion, acne treatment, patches, or even something for your pets. 

Whatever your situation or need is, there are plenty of ways you can consume CBD. 

Posted Lab Results

The last thing I wanted to mention were the lab results. You don’t have to fully understand them or be able to read them. What’s important though is making sure they are there. 

We can discuss how to read these another time though make sure they are posted frequently and recently. I’ve come across a few companies with their lab results from last year! 

If a company has their lab results posted, they are not trying to hide behind a bad CBD product. They take pride in how clean and refined their oil is and how effective and safe it is to use.


Trying to buy CBD oil that works for you can be time-consuming and overwhelming. 

This is why I am simplifying the process, especially for those who are hesitant and have yet to try CBD. 

Most of us just want to know if it works and how we can get it. 

Any other questions outside of these three tips are just preferences for individuals. 

Stay vigilant of weird ingredients and make sure you choose the type of CBD that works best for you. 

Hopefully this has removed any doubts and hesitations you have.

CBD is helping others take back control of their lives. Will you take advantage?